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Solidarity with Cleaners in Government Schools on hunger strike


Below is a copy of the support letter sent by LALIT to the CTSP (Konfederasyon Travayer Sekter Prive) and to the women who work as cleaners in Government Schools, for sub-contractors. They had struggled hard for proper jobs instead of contracts with a split shift, and earning Rs1,500 per month, and half of the workers concerned were finally taken on at Rs9,000 per month. The other half have suffered from Government ministers procrastinating and pretending that they are addressing the problem when they are not. They have been forced to take the extreme measure of going on a hunger strike in the Company Gardens. Here is the content of our solidarity message:

 Bonzur tu kamarad CTSP e tu travayer cleaner dan lekol guvernman,

 Nu dan LALIT, nu sutenir zot demars pu ki nepli ena travay preker dan pei, a-kumanse par dan lekol guvernman.

 Nu pe lite pu ki tu travayer kontra regilarize dan enn vre plas travay. Enn plas travay devet enn drwa. Enn saler rezonab, li egalman enn drwa. Sekirite anplwa li osi enn drwa.


Lindsey Collen