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Our LALIT website much visited


LALIT has this year, so far, had over a million hits on our site, that you are now browsing. To be more precise we have had over 1,150,000 hits in 2017 so far.

Month after month, the number of hits stays relatively stable but with a constant rising trend. So, the number of hits we have had in the first three-quarters of this one year is equivalent to the number we had had over the first eight or so years of existence of our site.

In 2002, when was first set up, we had 242 hits. The next year we had 17,161. By 2010, the annual number of hits had reached 300,000.

Now, seven years later, the number of hits has again trebled.

What we would really like to know from visitors is what they enjoy about the site, which parts they like and why. Please remember to mention what country you live in. We do meet people in person who give us feedback. We do also have access, of course, to the raw data, but it is not the same as proper feedback from a real live site visitor. Just write to us at