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World Launch Today of Poem “One Hundred Years” on Russian Revolution


World Launch Today of Poem “One Hundred Years” on Russian Revolution

To participate in the world internet launch of a compelling poem on the Russian Revolution, please open the link on our Documents Section on the Home Page of this site, the LALIT site. Just click where it says, Centenary of the Russian Revolution (October 2017) – “One Hundred Years” – Poem by Steve Bloom.

Today 7 October, 2017 is the world-launch of Steve Bloom’s Poem “One Hundred Years”, published on the web, to mark the centenary of the most important workers’ struggle ever (so far!), the Russian Revolution.

The poem will be launched on 13 websites today as the day unfolds around the globe. As well as on It is the most spellbinding kernel of the revolution – the courage it involved, the vision it demanded of so many millions of participants, the realization of the need to pose the question of power, the proof of its greatness being in the violence of the counter-revolution and in how many executions it took to defeat the revolution, and the hope and possibility that that revolution keeps alive until today.  

The poem will be read by 10 readers, in Kreol translation, as part of LALIT’s celebration of the Centenary to be held tomorrow, 8 October at the Ledikasyon pu Travayer Hall.

There will also be a 150-images projected of photographs of demonstrations during the Revolution, of the inside of the Petrograd Soviet or workers’ committee, of posters, of art about the revolution, and of art that literally exploded in creativity during the revolution as an entire people took power from the ruling classes. There will also be the music of the time, music that broke all the existing boundaries into vast expression of the power of the people. And there will be, under the dual chair of Rada Kistnasamy and Anne-Marie Joly, six 5-10 minute speeches on different aspects of the revolution.

Afterwards, there will be a picnic that everyone will bring and share, and a member has promised to bake a red cake!

Celebrate in remembrance of all those who participated in this great revolution!