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Alain Ah-Vee in Palestine protest: Letter to LALIT from former President of the Republic, Cassam Uteem


In the context of the participation of Alain Ah-Vee, LALIT member, in the Palestine Freedom Walk, we have been receiving support messages from people in Mauritius and abroad. Here is a copy of the letter received by LALIT, addressed to Rajni Lallah, from the former President of the Republic, Mr. Cassam Uteem:

“Thank you very much for sending me a copy of the letter you addressed to the Trade Unions and Associations.

“I am particularly pleased to place on record my deepest appreciation of the bold, principled and unique initiative LALIT has taken in delegating Mr. Alain Ah-Vee, one of its leading members, to participate in the international protest march, in Cis-Jordanie, against the illegal “apartheid” Wall in the process of being built by Israel. This more-than-symbolic gesture is a reflection of your party’s commitment and unflinching support to the cause of international justice.

“Thanks to this participation, fraught with difficulty and danger, Mauritius can feel legitimately proud to be in the forefront of the struggle of the Palestinians for their legitimate rights.

“Please accept, dear Rajni, the assurances of my warmest regards and convey to Alain my very best wishes and highest esteem.

“Yours sincerely,
“Cassam Uteem.”