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Minister E. Sinatambou petitioned on Persistant Fumes from La Chaumière


A delegation of the “Joint Committee of LALIT (Western Regional) and Bambous Inhabitants” submitted a petition signed by 150 inhabitants from 24 different streets or areas of the Bambous region to the Minister of the Environment, Mr. Etienne Sinatambou on Thursday 27 July. The petition calls for immediate Government action on the La Chaumiere rubbish station. It was handed over to the Minister’s Permanent Secretary. It is the second petition on the issue in a year.

 The petition calls for:

“1. Immediate public assurance from Government as to health issues – from the smell, the epidemic of flies in summer, the “fumes” at night, and the clouds of smoke when it catches fire, as it has done twice in the past year.  

2. To act so as to put out the fire and prevent future fires.

3. Immediate action to put an end to the smell.

4. Immediate action to control the flies breeding ground there.

And, if not, to close down all three parts of the La Chaumière Station!” [Translated from the original which is in Kreol, see below for entire petition.]


 Here is the covering letter, followed by the contents of the petition:

To: Hon Etienne Sinatambou,

Minister of the Environment.

 Dear Sir,

 Re: Persistant Fumes, and Potential Dangers of the La Chaumière Rubbish Station

 We enclose a petition concerning an environmental problem in the region of Cite La Ferme and Bambous. The contents are clear. We write now, when we are in the relatively cold and dry season, in anticipation of the usual degradation of all the problems involved in the hot and wet season. So severe is the problem in summer, especially at night, that we have to sleep with our houses closed up to keep the fumes and smell out.

 As you will see, what was a problem concerning only Cite La Ferme at the time of our last petition [2016], is now, with the expansion of the refuse stations, a problem concerning the following streets in Bambous and Cite La Ferme:

 Abdool Kalam Azad Street

Allée Jacques

Allée Tamarin

Avenue Bricoleurs

Avenue Independence

Bim Land

Black River Street


Dairy Land

Dinah Street

Gandhi Lane

Geoffrey Road

Hamid Jeewah St

Jeunesse Land

Koobarawa Lane

Latanier Avenue

Magatha Lane

Nehru Land


Plaine St Pierre

Ragoo Lane

Rose Lane

Route Royale

Vaudagne Road

 As you will see over 150 people have signed up to this second petition, representing 24 streets/areas in Bambous:  Bambous village itself, Mon Repos, Geoffrey, NHDC, Eaux Bonnes, Cité La Ferme & La Ferme Plantation (on La Ferme Reservoir side), La Ferme (on the Montant Rani side), La Vallette.

 We also enclose a copy of the previous petition.

Yours sincerely,

Ragini Kistnasamy, for Joint Committee of LALIT (Western Regional) and Bambous Inhabitants.   27 July, 2017.

 Copy to Ministers of Health and of Local Government, as well as the Presidents of the District Council of Black River, and Village Council of Bambous.

 [Contents of Petition]

Re: Nwizans Persistan e Danze Potansyel Depotwar La Chaumière

Nu, dimunn ki finn siyne anba, remarke ki Guvernman pe donn fasilite patron tablisman ek so kliyan milyoner ki aste vila, e pe anmemtan abandonn vilazwa dan landrwa klas travayer, e finn mem innyor enn premye petisyon 14 Oktob 2016; antretan sityasyon inn byin degrade. Reyon kot dimunn pe sufer lefe sa depotwar la pe agrandi sak mwa, kuma u pu remarke par diferan landrwa ki pe siyne, sirtu lepok lapli ek limidite;

Le 30 Avril 2017, kan nu fek kumans fer siyn petisyon, sann kut la dife inn re-pran La Chaumiere, e nu pe sufer lafime osi sann kut la;

Par sa 2yem petisyon, nu pe proteste kont lefe nefast ki nu personelman pe sufer akoz sa depotwar La Chaumière, sa lizinn konpost la, e sa nuvo Sant Guvernman pu Dese Toxik la;  

Nu ena kat revandikasyon sinp, ki Guvernman:

1. Rasir piblik ki pena problem lasante – ni depi sa loder piyant, ni depi lepidemi mus depi laba, ni depi “fumes” fermantasyon; ni kan dife pran ladan, kuma asterla.

2. Fer teyn sa dife la/anpes nuvo dife pran.

3. Deswit antrepran travo pu konpletman anpes sa loder piyant fane partu.

4. Deswit antrepran travo pu kontrol propagasyon sa bann nyaz mus laba la.

Sinon, nu revandikasyon se kareman: Ferm sa 3 Sant dan La Chaumière la!

[Followed by over 150 signatories.]