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Joint Committee of LALIT-Inhabitants of Cite Telfair Moka addressed letter to Minister Finance, Pravind Jugnauth


Date: 17 May, 2017

 The Hon Pravind JUGNAUTH,

Prime Minister,

Minister of Finance and Economic Development

New Treasury Bldg, Intendance Street,

Port Louis


Dear Sir,

RE:  Request for 2017-2018 budget

The “Joint Committee of LALIT and Inhabitants of Moka” is writing to you in your capacity as Minister of Finance and Economic Development to make provision for the coming budget regarding the replacement of asbestos panels in EDC/Ex CHA  houses.

This is in line with the specific recommendation of the Truth and Justice Commission’s Report (2011) which the previous Government as well as your Government adopted.

On 18th April 2017 a  petition was signed by 38 inhabitants of  Site Telfair, one per family concerned, addressed to three ministers sitting on the National Committee on the Removal of Asbestos, namely the Minister of Housing, the Minister of Environment and the Minister of Social Integration. Up to now there is no reply from any of them. (See attached copy of petition.)

As you may be aware as MLA for constituency No.8,  Site Telfair is in the middle of Moka Smart City project. The ENL group promoters have taken the hideous step of building a reinforced concrete wall around Site Telfair to restrict people’s movement as well as to hide poverty from the eyes of rich people coming to buy villas in the nearby region. But the truth of people jeopardising their health, day-and-night, in insecure and hazardous housing, does not go away. It is no longer even hidden from Government, wall or no wall, since three Ministers now have letters signed by representatives of 38 families.

We call on you to take action to provide, in your budget, funds necessary to ensure that people are living in decent houses in a safe environment.

Yours sincerely,

Marie Daniele LeMerle, Rosemarie Jean Charles, Islam Beekharry, Saradambal Mooroongapillay (Inhabitants representatives)

Seetresen Murday, Rada Kistnasamy (LALIT’s representatives)

for Joint Committee LALIT –Inhabitants Cite Telfair,Moka

Copy to:

President Village Council of Moka

The Press