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LALIT joins International Appeal to free 31 Maruti-Suzuki workers



Dear Sir,

LALIT party in Mauritius is making an urgent appeal to the Indian Government through your office to save the 31 workers from the Maruti-Suzuki, Manesar Factory who were recently convicted of various offenses, following a strike, and following the death, at the time, of the actions of one of the Factory’s Directors. I personally met trade union delegates from the Maruti-Suzuki union last year in Mumbai. It has yesterday been reported to LALIT that, while there was no evidence produced to prove any link between the unfortunate death of a director following an incident in the Maruti-Suzuki factory in 2012 and the workers’ actions, yet 13 people, of whom 11 are trade union leaders, have been convicted of murder in this case. They therefore run the risk of the death penalty or life imprisonment. This follows their legitimate struggle for better work conditions in a difficult epoch for working people world-wide.

LALIT now joins the International Call to save the lives of the Maruti 13. We also call for all 31 workers to be freed.

Yours sincerely,

Rada Kistnasamy


15 March, 2017