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The struggle against the repressive legal framework on ID cards continues


Kolektif kont Kart Idantite Biometrik


 We call on Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth to come forward with new legislation less repressive than the draconian Ramgoolam legal framework for Identity Cards, and to extend the 31 March delay for the validity of the old card until such time as the repressive laws remain, and also until such time as judgment is handed down in the Neelkant Dulloo case, only now being heard by the Supreme Court. We remind the Prime Minister that the DPP has said he would be unlikely to prosecute anyone for not having a card until the final judgement. And we remind the Prime Minister that he criticized the legal framework when he was in the Opposition.

 We recognize that the destruction of the central data-base is a victory for the whole of the movement against the ID card system.

 We now call on people who have held out with the old card to prepare to apply, under protest, for a new card, should the Prime Minister persist with the refusal to extend the delay. This means that we should prepare to apply for the new card, should he persist, as from 17 March, 2017.

The struggle against the repressive legal framework then takes centre stage.

Signed by:

Jane Ragoo, Confederation Travailleurs Secteur Prive (CTSP), Elias St, Rose Hill.

Rajni Lallah, Muvman Liberasyon Fam, Impasse Lallah, Forest-Side.

Vinod Seegum, Confederation of Independent Trade unions (CITU), 8 Victor de la Faye St, P. Louis

Ragini Kistnasamy, Labaz Intersindikal, 153 Main Road, GRNW, Port Louis.

Samad Dulloo, Centre Idriss Goomany, Edgar Laurent St, Port Louis.

Atma Shanto, Federation des Travailleurs Unis (FTU), Deschartes St, Port Louis.

Marousia Bouvery, ABAIM, Colonel Maingard St, Beau Bassin.

Lindsey Collen, LALIT, 153 Main Road, GRNW, Port Louis.

Jayen Chellum, ACIM, Bell Village, Port Louis