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Palestine Freedom Walk Jenin to Jerusalem
Freedom Marchers Tear Down Gate; Hundreds to Join Tomorrow


Alain Ah-Vee, Lalit Central Committee Member, right now in Palestine, participating in Freedom March along the Apartheid Wall. Read the eye witness accounts submitted by ISM participants in occupied Palestine.

Latest Volunteer Reports
ISM Media Office
2 Aug 04

[Zeita]The Freedom March, which began Friday, July 30 in Zababah, is in it’s fourth day and is expected to grow to hundreds by Tuesday morning where they will set off from Deir Al Ghussan.

Today in Zeita, Palestinians were joined by the International Solidarity Movement and Israelis and marched together to the gate and forced it open. This gate had barred 60 farmers from their land since May of 2003. They were immediately confronted by the Israeli Army who pushed back the demonstrators and locked the gate again. The demonstrators held their ground and eventually continued the march.

Palestinians, internationals and Israelis are marching along the path of the Apartheid Wall, through cities, towns and villages arriving in Jerusalem, August 19. The purpose of the Freedom March is to highlight the devastation and suffering of Palestinians and their communities that has resulted from the construction of the Wall.

In addition, Palestinian, international and Israeli organizations and representatives of various institutions are joining the March.

On Sunday, the Palestinian Minister Qaddoura Faris and the Governor of Jenin, Quddora Musa joined the march which traveled from Anin to Tura Ash Sharqiya.

Today the March was joined by Rabbis for Human Rights. Additional groups will be joining as the March progresses.

The Israeli Army is maintaining a heavy presence and is monitoring the march at all times. The Freedom Marchers, however, continue to sing and chant as they wind their way through the fields and villages along the path of the Wall.


Read eye witness accounts and view photos submitted by ISM participants in occupied Palestine at the above site.