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Alain Ah-Vee, Lalit Central Committee Member, right now in Palestine, participating in Freedom March along the Apartheid Wall


Alain Ah-Vee, one of the Lalit leading members, on Sunday, 1st August joined the long march from Jenin to Jerusalem.

Hundreds of people are marching, Palestinians, Israelis, and Internationals from all over the world, including Alain Ah-Vee from Mauritius. They set off from Jenin during the weekend, for the 17-day march of nearly 200 kilometres.

Every day they will walk 10-12 kilometres all along the Apartheid Wall. The Israeli States wall, was last month declared illegal by the International Court of Justice at The Hague. Following the judgment, the United Nations General Assembly called for the demolition of the wall. Only Israel, the USA and Australia (plus three tiny countries under US control) voted against.

The march comes at a key moment in history. It represents a form of peaceful, non-violent direct action, to draw attention to the hideous wall, to the suffering it brings to ordinary people, and to the system of check-points that haunt the daily lives of the Palestinian people.

Alain Ah-Vee, together with people from Japan, Tunisia, England, Belgium and many other countries, are, through participating in the march, drawing attention to the role of the Israeli State against the Palestinian people, and to the role of the USA in using the Israeli State as its gendarme.

RADIO PLUS, in its headline story for the Monday 4.30 news bulletin, interviewed Alain Ah-Vee live on his mobile phone. He gave a gripping update on where the march is up to. Now everyone in Mauritius is following the progress of the march. This way people can be brought up to date with the struggle for the dismantling of the Wall and for ending Israeli military occupation of Palestine.

For updates, visit our site! Alain contacts us by telephone three or four times a day.