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LALIT supports student struggle in South Africa


LALIT in Mauritius expresses solidarity with students in South Africa in their struggles against repression imposed by the South African State and we support their initial demands for free education for all up to the level of tertiary education. Education should not be organized so as to furnish the private sector with “skills”, but for the development of human understanding and knowledge and creativity. Nor is education a commodity that the capitalist class can sell at a profit; it is a human right that society should provide for all.

 When there were protests that began at University of Cape Town against the colonial legacy of Cecil Rhodes represented by his statue, we supported these, too. The ideological battle against the Rhodes and Milner team is a world-wide struggle, as were the previous student uprisings that, in waves, helped to overthrow that remnant of colonization, the Apartheid regime.

 LALIT also supports the sections of the working class that are standing alongside the protesting students.

 Long live students’ struggle! Long live the workers’ struggle!

 Yours in struggle,

Rada Kistnasamy