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LALIT website Getting 4,000 to 8,000 hits per day


LALIT website now has about a million hits every six months. This means there are daily hits varying between 4,000 and 8,000. The increase has coincided with the introduction a year or so ago of our more varied choice of type of communication: written articles, youtube videos, soundcloud audio clips, and so on.

 So, LALIT’s media is a composite of the following:

- fortnightly branch meetings; interactive person-to-person meetings. This form of media is the lifeblood of any political party that challenges the ruling classes.

- bi-monthly magazine REVI LALIT, with person-to-person distribution, as well as by mail.

- approximately once every two months a leaflet distribution of 8,000 handed out at bus stations in the early morning, thus hopefully each leaflet can be read and/or shared while the recipient is waiting for transport, in a bus/minibus, at work, and also later at home.

- Regular meetings of commissions on subjects: education & language, art commission, trade union commission, Palestine commission, Diego Garcia commission, documentation commission, and web commission.

- Pasting up of posters when political issues demand this.

- Neighbourhood meetings on campaigns. At present, these are on the need for popular control over land.

- e-mail circulars on different subjects, regularly.

- Some articles sent to the mainstream, commercial press, and published by them.

- Regular invitations for leading members to do interviews in Press and on Radio.