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LALIT leading members Kisna Kistnasamy & Anne-Marie Joly on Radio One (audio)


 On the LALIT home page, if you click on the left lower part of the page, on the two photographs, you will be able to listen on our SoundCloud channel to interviews with two leading LALIT members on the Habib Mosaheb in-depth Dossier Program on the May ’75 broadcast on 16 May on Radio One. It is 8 minutes long, and gives a lively picture of the groundswell of mass student movement that in 1975 culminated in the huge demonstration at the Grand River Bridge on 20 May.

 At the time the movement was perhaps more than half girl-students, so it is appropriate that two of our women members relate the defining moment that this was in their lives. One was in lower sixth at the time, the other in Form I or II.

 The program was highlighting what this movement means for today.

 Other interviewed in this fascinating radio program included Amedee Darga, Rama Poonoosamy, Rajiv Seervansing and Noor Adam Essack, who all gave vivid testimony and interesting analyses.