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Communique of Ledikasyon pu Travayer for its 2004 UNESCO Literacy Prize


Communique of Ledikasyon pu Travayer for its 2004 UNESCO Literacy Prize


The 2004 International Reading Association Literacy Award, has been awarded to Ledikasyon Pu Travayer(LPT), a prize that UNESCO awards to organisations that are contributing in a significant way in the struggle to promote literacy for all.

What does this prize means for LPT?
This award represents an international recognition for the work done by LPT for 28 years. According to a UNESCO Press release dated 18th May 2004, it is mentioned that LPT has been awarded this prize "for its adult literacy programme, which places emphasis on women, its respect for cultural context and the use of mother languages"

Secondly we think that this award attributes a special value to the work of promoting literacy itself. It recognises the importance of making literacy accessible to everyone. This correspond to UNESCO campaign "Education For All" And in LPT we have always been promoting education as a right.

This award is a form of recognition of the contribution of women in LPT. LPT was born in the wake of the student protest movement of May 1975 where college girls were in the forefront. Since our foundation our women members have made a significant contribution in all aspects of our work and in the internal life of our organisation itself. Whether it is in our literacy courses, our teacher training sessions or in the struggle for the recognition of mother languages in Mauritius.

This award is the recognition for our persistent and constant work in the use of mother languages in adult literacy. We are known for being obstinate on this issue. and we are still like that. Today this UNESCO award is saying that LPT was right in maintaining this basic pedagogical principle that every person learns better in his or her mother language. No expert in education would say the contrary on this matter.

Through this award UNESCO also wanted to draw world attention on the necessity to produce written materials in mother languages. Today UNESCO is recognising the contribution of LPT in the production, publication and circulation of every kind of literature in the Kreol and Bhojpuri languages

We dedicate this award to:
every women and men, from villages, coastal areas and towns who have participated in our literacy courses
all voluntary teachers who have organised, run and nurture our literacy courses and at the same time contributed in the development of the pedagogy that we are using now.
all our members who year after year have been nurturing our association and have contributed to its development.
all our supporting members who have actively participated in our activities and supported our work.
all people in Mauritius and Rodrigues who have followed our teachers training courses , our courses in learning to read and write Kreol and other courses on language
all local and international organisations with whom we have cooperated and who supported our work.
all writers, poets, artists, academics, journalists, teachers, students and other individuals in Mauritius, Rodrigues and other countries who have been associated with our work to promote our mother languages, for the right to education and for linguistic diversity

We take note of all this human effort put together into the work and action for the mother languages of the people of the Republic of Mauritius to develop and flourish.

UNESCO will give this prize to LPT on the 8th September 2004 on the occasion of International Literacy Day.

Georges Legallant
21st May 2004