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To: Acting Prime Minister,

Hon Xavier Luc Duval,

Treasury Building,

Port Louis.


Dear Sir,


 We, who support the Palestinian refugee poet and art curator, Ashraf Fayadh, originally sentenced to death and now condemned by the Saudi Arabian authorities to 8 years in prison and 800 lashes following trumped-up charges, call on you, as Acting Prime Minister, to immediately put on hold the Mauritian State’s setting up of an Embassy in Riyadh until such time as the regime in Saudi Arabia begins to respect human rights and freedoms.

 Name (Full Addresses Submited)

 Tania Haberland, poet and reader 

Umar Timol, poet/writer, and reader

Vinesh Hookoomsing, lover of poetry/literature

Yusuf Kadel, poet/writer, reader

Vijay Naraidoo, writer and reader

Dini Lallah, writer and reader

Sarah-Jane Naraina, reader

Indranee Canthiram, reader

Mala Toussaint, lover of literature

Percy Yip Tong, literature lover

Jean Marie Richard, lover of literature

Norman Tambanivoul, reader

Laval Yves, supporter of Ashraf Faydh’s freedom

Lindsey Collen, writer, poet

Rada Kistnasamy, present at reading for Ashraf Fayadh

Anne-Marie Joly, reader and lover of literature

Rajni Lallah, supporter of Ashraf Faydh’s freedom

Begum Budulla, reader

Alain Ah-Vee,, present at reading for Ashraf Fayadh

Ram Seegobin, present at reading for Ashraf Fayadh

Roland Boussac, present at reading for Ashraf Fayadh

Ragini Kistnasamy, present at reading for Ashraf Fayadh

Pushpa Lallah .

Reeaz Chuttoo, supporter of Ashraf Faydh’s freedom

Helina Dookhee, poetry lover .

Richard Sedley Assone, poet, reader .

Gaston Valayden, dramaturge, reader .

Jane Ragoo, supporter of Ashraf Faydh’s freedom

Krishna Lutchoomun, artist

Pascal Nadal, lover and teacher of literature

Noor Adam Essack, reader

Alain Fanchon, poet and reader

Aqiil Goopee, writer, reader.

Henri Favory, dramturge and reader

Marie-France Favory, dramturge and reader

Abdul Hamid Hossenbux, at reading for Ashraf Fayadh

Vincent Pellegrin, reader

George Herchenroder, present at reading for Ashraf Fayadh

Henry Kums, artist

Ludovico Alessandro Chiara


22 February, 2016

Through LALIT, 153 Main Rd, GRNW, Port Louis.

208 5551


 Editor’s Note:

It is interesting to note that the European Parliament is on 25 February introducing a motion to impose an arms embargo on Saudi Arabia. Here is the content of a petition signed by many LALIT members in support of the motion, world-wide on Avaaz:

“As concerned citizens from across the globe, we strongly urge you to suspend all arms deals with Saudi Arabia until they end their assaults in Yemen and begin a genuine peace process. With 119 violations of international humanitarian law documented in a recent UN report, it's unacceptable to look the other way when Saudi Arabia could be using weapons from our countries to indiscriminately bomb civilians.”

 Meanwhile, we read that Mauritius is supposed to be contributing to some military exercise of Saudi Arabia!