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Arrest of Ish Sookun under POTA


LALIT calls for either the immediate, unconditional release of the computer technology expert, Ish Sookun, from Police custody, or for formal charges to be laid. We also call for the revocation of the repressive law that Aneerood Jugnauth’s MSM, PMSD, and MMM voted in 2002, the Prevention of Terrorism Act.

 LALIT spearheaded the campaign, first against the Public Security Act 1999, a Labour-PMSD Act, which never actually became law and then against the subsequent MSM-led law, POTA. The President of the Republic at the time, Cassam Uteem resigned as President, and then the Vice President, Angidi Chettiar also resigned, rather than be associated with so repressive a piece of legislation. So, the law came into being, in flagrant disregard of the “separation of powers”, by being assented to by, of all people, the Chief Justice, Arianga Pillay.

 In the case against Ish Sookhun and his business partner, once again, “provisional charges” are being resorted to, in all their arbitrariness. The DPP has recently called into question the entire issue of “provisional charges” in the Mauritian legal system. In the meantime, we call on the judiciary to take its responsibility in making provisional charges “caduque” by rejecting police use of provisional charges that are not corroborated by prima facie evidence. So, we call for incriminating evidence, if any, to be brought before the Magistrate, and then for formal charges, if any, to be laid against Ish Sookun and/or his business partner, and bail decided upon, or alternatively to release them immediately.

 Alain Ah-Vee


Main Road, GRNW.

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