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LALIT website Hits reach one MILLION in past six months


 LALIT’s website has constantly gained in visitors, pages opened, files downloaded, and straight hits. This year, from mid-May to this far in November, we have had over a million hits. That is in less than 6 months.

 Beginning in 2003 with a few dozen hits a month, has continued to grow exponentially. The newsfiles, audio files including Soundcloud, video files including Youtube, document files and image files, are all accessed on a daily basis.

 Our website together with our hard copy bi-monthly magazine are our main forms of in-depth communication with people outside of LALIT.  About once every two months, in addition, we distribute about 8,000 leaflets in the main bus stations in the early morning to working people on their way to work. This choice of time to distribute means people read and share it while waiting for transport to work, in their transport, at work, and then at home as well. We also use e-mail communications and SMS. And once or twice a year, depending on the situation, we do poster campaigns on an issue. At the moment our posters are on the need to introduce Kreol as one of the languages used in Parliament.

 But, of course, a party like ours depends a great deal on its own network of branches, as a means of communication; it is two-way communication and from the grass-roots to the centre of LALIT and back again. And our expansion depends on ever-increasing distribution, and discussion, of our hard-copy magazine, because of its particular nature as a constant analysis of reality and bringing together of political strategies into a coherent whole.

 Having our own forms of communication is essential to a party like LALIT. This way we can both benefit from the fairly constant radio-interviews (that are sought from our leading members by the private radio stations) and from the odd article in the mainstream press, without being wholly dependent upon these commercial media, which, in addition to being capitalist concerns, themselves, are often not without their own “partisan” political agenda. Parties, and indeed any organizations, that develop a dependency upon the bourgeois media are soon influenced by the need to accomodate the editors, owners and controllers of these pro-capitalist outfits.