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LALIT Hands Over Copy of its recent Drugs Issue Book to DPP


A delegation of LALIT members left a copy of A BILINGUAL LALIT BOOK ON THE DRUG ISSUE for the DPP, following his stand against decriminalization of cannabis.

 To: The DPP, Mr. Satyajit Boolell,

  Dear Sir,

 We have not yet read your article on cannabis decriminalization, which we look forward to reading. However, from articles in the Press, we understand that you have taken a rather strong position against any form of decriminalization, which we would like you to reconsider. In this context, and also in the context of the Health Minister, Hon. Anil Gayan’s stand against further extension of the Methadone project, we have pleasure in submitting a document to you.

It is an “anthology” that LALIT brought out last week. It is on the drugs issue in general. It consists of a selection of our public stands from 1980 onwards, until today. You will notice that what we aim at is:  a rational approach to these thorny issues; avoiding all the terrible problems that follow if, in haste, we increase repression as a supposed “solution”; nurturing a “caring” attitude, and at making society as a whole better.

We hope you will enjoy reading this bilingual collection of articles. They are a selection, catering for two kinds of people mainly: our new members and supporters, on the one hand, and all the NGOs that now support, in one way or another, those who fall victim to drug abuse.

 Yours sincerely,

 Ragini Kistnasamy,


13 August, 2015