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LALIT Delegation Submits its Drugs Issue Book to President


 A delegation of LALIT members left a copy of A BILINGUAL LALIT BOOK ON THE DRUG ISSUE with the President of the Republic. She has recently said that the local form of cannabis, gandya, has not yet been studied enough for a stand to be taken. In addition she said that countries that have decriminalized so far have rather better resources than Mauritius may have to deal with any problems that arise.

  To: The President of the Republic, Dr. Ameenah Gareeb-Fakim,

  Dear Madam,

 Following two events:

 - your finely moderated approach to the issue of the decriminalization of gandya, in which you call for scientific study of the cannabis-type substance in the local plant, and how you point to the relatively advanced administrative capacities of those countries where decriminalization has been implemented,

  - the debate on methadone and other medicines in coming to the aid of those ill with drug addiction following the Minister of Health’s new controversial stand;

  we wondered if you would like to look at the anthology we brought out last week on the drugs issue in general? It consists of all our stands, in LALIT, – which aim at a rational approach to these thorny issues, at avoiding all the terrible problems that follow if, in haste, we increase repression as a supposed “solution”, and at being both “caring” and also helpful to society as a whole.

 We hope you will enjoy reading this bilingual collection of articles. They are a selection, catering for two kinds of people mainly: our new members and supporters, on the one hand, and all the NGOs that now support, in one way or another, those who are victim to drugs, on the other hand.

  We have still heard nothing from the Prime Minister, Hon. A. Jugnauth concerning our appeal to organize a State Visit to Chagos, including Diego Garcia, as well as speeding up a strategy to go at once to the ICJ, before the UK and USA outwit the Mauritian State.


 Yours sincerely,

 Anne-Marie Joly


13 August, 2015