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LALIT’s Magazine REVI LALIT Number 119 is out!


The new bi-monthly magazine Revi LALIT de Klas is out. This issue, as well as giving an idea of the political situation post-Municipal elections and just as the fall-out begins after the judgment and sentence in the Pravind Jugnauth case, is centred on three “dossiers”. First there is the pending victory, and the struggles to come, on the compulsory biometric ID Card; the dossier includes reports on actions and also a series of short articles pointing to some of the reasons for the success of the sustained political struggle against this type of surveillance. Second there is the dossier on “Agriculture that is an alternative to sugar cane”; this is an indictment on the continued obsession of the bosses, the State, and even often the intellectuals and unions, in tying the entire country into “the cane industry”. Third is the international dossier, concentrating on the remarkable political success of the BDS campaign against Israel, on new struggles against US military bases, and on various kinds of state violence by the US state apparatus. There is also an update on the ongoing unfolding of the BAI’s demise; this article shows the insights that the BAI scandal gives into both capitalism and the State. There is also an in-depth article is on the surprisingly favourable, in these times, issues on the agenda for building socialism. Ledikasyon pu Travayer has submitted an article in English on 15 Helpful Hints on How to Draft in Kreol. It was originally designed for journalists in charge of preparing Kreol language news broadcasts, as 15 things NOT to do. Now it has taken the form of more positive advice to drafters for our magazine. An article is critical of the pitfalls in the new line that Former President Cassam Uteem seems to be taking on the Chagos issue. There is an article in response to the rather mindless calls for “unity on the left”, reminding readers that the “left” part is the important part, and how spokesmen of “left” parties that, themselves, claim to be neither left nor right, neither for nor against capitalism, cannot be taken very seriously. Socialism can only be struggled for the hard way, by consciously working towards it. And there are some of the usual popular columns: Jabaljas & Bulbak, who like all the cartoonists, are having a field day with the mainstream political leaders. There is a book Review on Behind the Beautiful Forevers. And there are details on LALIT’s political actions, as well as more general information for political activists. Happy reading. Get hold of your copy from a LALIT member. The REVI costs Rs20.