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LALIT Launches its SoundCloud on Campaign for New Economy


At 4 in the morning on Tuesday 21 April, LALIT launched its SoundCloud channel with 4 audio clips from the special work session held on Sunday 5 April on what we call “The Politics of an Alternative Economy”. Our channel is called “lalitmauritius”. This is the same name as our YouTube channel, which has been on the go since last year.
We propose that you visit our new SoundCloud channel (and the YouTube one, too, if you are not already a regular visitor). It’s really easy: you just go to “” and put in “sound cloud” and “lalitmauritius”. And there you are. Or you go into “” or “” and then all you have to do is type “lalitmauritius”.
The new SoundCloud channel contains 4 clips: Rada Kistnasamy on the new Government’s timid policy on agrarian reform and the land question; Rajni Lallah on the situation in the sugar industry in general; Ram Seegobin on what the Lutchmeenaraidoo Budget had to say on agricultural diversification and food production; and Lindsey Collen with an update on food production in Mauritius.