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The organizations in the Collective of organizations that has opposed the new biometric ID Cards has signed a petition calling for the new Government to implement its commitment made during the election campaign to destroy the data-base altogether, and also to remove the obligatory nature from the cards.


Petition to the Newly Elected Government of Alliance Lepep, in particular to the Prime Minister, Hon. Sir Aneerood Jugnauth and the ICT Minister, Hon. Pravind Jugnauth, as Ministers responsible now for the destiny of the biometric ID Card system and its database:

Bearing in mind that we, the undersigned, have consistently opposed the previous Government’s ID Card data-bank, as well as other anti-democratic aspects of the legal framework for the ID Card;

Bearing in mind the Alliance Lepep’s commitment to destroying the central data-base of the ID Card system is one of its 12 principle “measures”;

And taking note that Hon VPM Xavier Duval announced on a Radio interview that the Government will await the Supreme Court judgment, before going ahead and taking the “measure” announced;

We hereby call on this 30 December, 2014, for:

- The destruction of the central data-bank, as promised, and as was done in the UK by the PM David Cameron when his Alliance came to power after a similar undertaking to that of Alliance Lepep.
- The removal of the compulsion:
a) to have an ID Card,
b) to present an ID Card either on-the-spot, or as dictated by Police or other officers,
- The right, in future, to rely on a number of different identity documents, as was the case for the recent General Elections,

And, in addition, we call for two interim measures until these changes are brought into being: that, in the meantime, any person seeking a new ID Card should not have to submit to fingerprinting, and anyone can make use of other identity documents, as well as ID Cards, for any official business.

Yours sincerely,

Vinod Seegum, Vice President, Confederation of Independent Trade Unions (CITU), 8 Victor de la Faye St, Port Louis

Rajni Lallah, Secretary, Muvman Liberasyon Fam, Impasse Lallah, Forest-Side.

Samad Dulloo, Committee Member, Centre Idriss Goomany, Edgar Laurent St, Port Louis.

Reaz Chuttoo, President, Confederation Travailleurs Secteur Prive (CTSP), Elias St, Rose Hill.

Ragini Kistnasamy, Labaz Intersindikal, 153 Main Road, GRNW, Port Louis.

Pushpa Lallah, Secretary, Playgroups, Higginson Street, Curepipe.

Jayen Chellum, Secretary, ACIM, Lime Street, Bell Village, Port Louis.

Alain Ah-Vee, LALIT, 153 Main Road, GRNW, Port Louis.