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LALIT on 2014 General Elections and Results


LALIT, though once again marginalized electorally, has seen that it is the political points on our program that have caused a ground-swell in the people and in the results. In fact, the 60-0 result promised by MMM-Labour, the two “biggest parties” in the country, who made an alliance with the intention of getting some 65% of all votes, has been totally reversed. The Alliance Lepep has won a large majority. However, it is worth bearing in mind that their victory is largely due to points that are in the LALIT program and the LALIT campaign. In particular:
- LALIT opposed the toxic bundle of measures around the proposed “2nd Republic”, and we publicly argued against this dictatorial scheme, from day one.
- LALIT, opposed the biometric ID Cards and the database behind them, built up a campaign even when the MSM-PMSD and MMM were in favour.
- LALIT has constantly criticized Labour and MMM for their refusal to take the Diego/Chagos issue to the International Court of Justice, which the Alliance Lepep has campaigned on doing.
and perhaps more than anything:
- LALIT criticized the complete lack of an economic program on on the part of either the Labour Government or itsMMM partner, and we challenged this constantly.
So, just as in 2005, when LALIT challenged the fact that the MMM-MSM had abolished village elections and village councils, and when LALIT challenged the targetting of pensions, battles fought alone prior to the election, were then taken up by the Ramgoolam’s Alliance Social, and led to his victory. And then too, this political victory was accompanied by a similar marginalization of our candidates, electorally speaking.
This paradox is not difficult to understand: the class we represent in our program, the working class, is strong enough to determine the agenda of a general election, but not at all strong enough, at the moment, to challenge the entire system of exploitation.
LALIT kontinye!

LALIT, 11 Desam, 2014