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LALIT Candidates’ Names and Constituencies, and numbers on ballot paper


LALIT has pleasure in giving you the list of our candidates’ numbers on the ballot papers (in all 20 Constituencies). And our “mo-dord”: Vote all three LALIT candidates in the four constituencies where we have fielded three, and vote LALIT first in all the other Constituencies (then find two other candidates to make up the three you have to vote.)

Some people like to vote by symbol. Where we have THREE candidates, that’s easiest: it is a hammer crossed by a “laserp”, the hammer (on purpose) looking a bit like a giraffe, and the laserp like a bird.

Port Louis - Constituency No. 1 (Roland Boussac, Lindsey Collen and Sarajane Naraina)
Moka and Quartier Militaire - Constituency No. 8 (Roland Fozoo, Rada Kistnasamy, Alain Moorgen)
Rose-Belle and Vieux Grand Port - Constituency No. 11 (Sonia Dick, Pushpa Lallah, Guilliana Sabine)
Beau Bassin and Petite Riviere - (Ricardo Durhone, Shabeela Kalla-Monasch, Ahmad Tallybally)

Since the ballot papers can be very long, it is worth knowing the candidate’s NUMBER. (Remember, where LALIT has fielded only ONE candidate, you must look for two other candidates you trust, because you need to put three crosses in order for any to be counted!)

PORT LOUIS - Constituency No 1.Vot 3 LALIT Nimero: 5, 6, 21

PORT LOUIS - Constituency No 2. Vot LALIT avan, nimero: 22 (Georges Herchenroder)

PORT LOUIS - Constituency No 3. Vot LALIT avan, nimero: 20 (Anne-Marie Joly)

PORT LOUIS - Constituency No 4. Vot LALIT avan, nimero: 16 (Sergio Monplé)

PAMPLEMOUSSES & TRIOLET - Constituency No 5. Vot LALIT avan, nimero: 28 (Kisna Kistnasamy)

GRAND BAY AND POUDRE D’OR - Constituency No 6. Vot LALIT avan, nimero: 23 (Franco Onno)

PITON & RIVIERE DU REMPART - Constituency No 7.Vot LALIT avan, nimero: 2 (Alain Ah-Vee)

QUARTIER MILITAIRE & MOKA - Constituency No 8. Vot 3 LALIT: Nimero 12, 18, 21

FLACQ & BON ACCUEIL - Constituency No 9.Vot LALIT avan, nimero: 29 (Bolom Lilldharry)

M. BLANCHE & GRSE - - Constituency No 10.Vot LALIT avan, nimero: 21 (Seetresen Murday)

VIEUX GRAND PORT & ROSE BELLE - Constituency No 11. Vot 3 LALIT Nimero: 10, 21, 28

MAHEBOURG & PLAINE MAGNIEN - Constituency No 12. Vot LALIT avan, nimero: 25 (Corinne Phillipe)

RIV. DES ANGUILLES & SOUILLAC - Constituency No 13. Vot LALIT avan, nimero: 4 (Cindy Clelie)

SAVANNE & BLACK RIVER - Constituency No 14. Vot LALIT avan, nimero: 37 (Laval Yves)

LA CAVERNE & PHOENIX - Constituency No 15. Vot LALIT avan, nimero: 7 (Arnaud Carolin)

VACOAS & FLOREAL - Constituency No 16.Vot LALIT avan, nimero: 15 (Martine Mavisa)

CUREPIPE & MIDLANDS - Constituency No 17. Vot LALIT avan, nimero: 24 (Rajni Lallah)

BELLE ROSE & QUATRE BORNES - Constituency No 18. Vot LALIT avan, nimero: 45 (Ram Seegobin)

STANLEY & ROSE-HILL - Constituency No 19. Vot LALIT avan, nimero: 3 (Christian Battour)

BEAU BASSIN & PETITE RIVIERE - Constituency No 20. Vot 3 LALIT. Nimero: 13, 17, 38

In case you have not yet read our Program - as you know the Press and MBC are very stingy in relation to LALIT, which may well be a good sign, for all we know - here is the link: go to our site first and then look to the left margin where under “documents” there is, inter alia, “LALIT election 2014 Program”, just click. Or visit our youtube channel for 25 short video clips on our program: go to type “lalit mauritius” and you’ll be there.

Remember to vote early - remind others not to believe in rumours, nor to be intimidated. After voting LALIT, when the other parties all “kase-ranze” afterwards, and generally continue behaving as they have for some 30 years, it is always good to be able to say with pride, “I voted LALIT!”

For any other details, or to contact us, just phone 208 5551 or 208 2132.