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LALIT Election Program Launched


Shabeela Kalla, one of LALIT’s leading members, presented the Press and other media the 64-page LALIT program for the coming General Elections. It will soon to be available on our site, too. The Program, she announced is being distributed mainly through the network for distributing our regular magazine. In fact, it has a LALIT Review number (116).

She said that the LALIT program, in contrast with other parties’ programs, it is part of an ongoing work on a political program to change society, and is not something whipped up before an election out of thin air. It represents, she said, a “collective” spirit. Not only was the conceptualization of the program done collectively in regular meetings over two months, but LALIT branches also discussed what was to be the content. Then, even for its physical production, she said, it was not sub-contracted to commercial printers, but actually type-set, run and then collated by members, working together. She said that some 30 members had been involved in its production. Collating 2,000 copies of a 64-page booklet by hand is a huge task, she said, done lightly because of the collective spirit. “This contrasts with the one or two leaders” to whom the task is allotted in the case of other parties, to draft their program, and then giving it to commercial printers to produce.

She said the LALIT program was conceptualized in chapters that were in clusters. The initial chapters were on the stakes of this election. There is also in this cluster a detailed outline of the difference in aim and strategy of LALIT and literally all the other political forces.

The second cluster of chapters situates the struggle for socialism on the economic terrain, and links ecology and the environment into the concepts from the start. It is our ongoing campaign for an alternative economy.

Then there are chapters on campaign issues that LALIT is famous for. These range from the campaign against biometric ID cards to the demilitarization and retrocession of Diego Garcia with full reparations for Chagossians, from the struggle for the full status of the mother tongues to support for the struggle of the people of Palestine.

There are other chapters, she said, that are on everything from “sport” to “education”, from “health” to “leisure”. And finally, there is a report on our four-years’ political work, she said, since the last Program, which LALIT produced for the 2010 elections.

The LALIT program is being distributed free. However, using the LALIT magazine network, we are asking those who usually buy a regular magazine to contribute, if they can, for their own and to subsidise a copy for one or two of their acquaintances who may support the LALIT program if they know what it says.

Other LALIT members present for LALIT were Rada Kistnasamy, Roland Boussac, Rajni Lallah, Laval Yves, Kisna Kistnasamy, Anne-Marie Joly, Ram Seegobin, Lindsey Collen, Martine Mavisa. Alain Ah-Vee is in the Seychelles for a conference on the mother tongue. Press present included MBC TV, Radio-Plus, Top-FM, ION News, 24 heures Info, Le Mauricien, Le Defi.