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Play published by LPT Le Morne to be performed in Bergamo Festival


The prose poem Le Morne written by Roger Moss and published by Ledikasyon pu Travayer in the year 2000 with an alongside Kreol translation, and brought out in a reprint a few years later, was translated afterwards into Italian, and then performed as a Play by an experimental theatre Company near Bergamo in Italy. The same company is reviving the play as a youth group production and it will be produced as part of a theatre festival in Bergamo in September, 2014.

Roger Moss will be present for the show.

The LPT bilingual booklet was brought out long before Le Morne became a UNESCO cultural heritage site. Roger Moss wrote an article for Wasafiri, the prestigious African literary magazine, on the experience of “being published” by a small publisher, i.e. LPT.

A presentation of the poem in dramatic form in Kreol was performed by Ashish Beesoondayal, Stephanie Theodore and Pascal Nadal on the eve of Slave Liberation day in 2009 at GRNW to a full house. The other half of the evening was a performance by Joelle Hoseinee Vocalist and Rajni Lallah on the piano.