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Launching of BDS Mauritius


We are publishing a Press Communiqué released yesterday night, announcing the launching of BDS Mauritius. The launch coincides with an International call by world-wide BDS movement for actions today, Saturday 9th August in support with people of Palestine. The decision to meet yesterday, for further actions was taken after the Teach-In held on Friday1st August. The Teach-In was initiated by LALIT in collaboration of CTSP and Idriss Goomany Centre.

Press Communiqué
Today, 8 Ut 2014, 15 people representing organizations and individuals met at Grand River North West in order to set up a BDS (Mauritius). The BDS Campaign aims to isolate the government of Israel by means of Boycott, Disinvestment and Sanctions. This, our Founding Document is published for the first time, at a time when Israel continues to bombard Gaza cruelly. Our launch coincides with a day of demonstrations called by the world-wide BDS movement. Those present at our inaugural meeting include representatives of CTSP, LALIT and Centre Idriss Goomany as well as individuals.

Points of Agreement reached
* Together, we denounce the continued arming of Israel by the USA, which then makes a mockery of the role of Barack Obama and John Kerry as supposed brokers of peace.
* Together we denounce Israel’s on-going colonial policies, its military occupation, and the state of seige imposed on Gaza.
* Together we draw attention to the danger of continuing to use Palestine as a way of avoiding addressing the genuine problem of a form of communalism common in Europe called anti-semitism, which has been ascourge from the time of the Nazi regime in Germany until today, in an extreme form in some ex-USSR countries.
* That the issue of Palestinian refugees, from 1948, 1967 and more recently, be addressed.
* That Israel has consistently sabotaged the Two-State Solution, attacking its viability.

We call for:
* A total arms embargo of Israel.
* An immediate end to the State of Seige of Gaza, by opening ports, airports and crossings, including the Rafah Crossing.
* A dismantling of the colonization in Palestinian-designated land, in particular the West Bank and East Jerusalem, and an end to military occupation.
* That the same rights are immediately given to all the people of the land in occupied territory.
* That the “Apartheid Wall” be demolished, in accordance with the ICJ ruling.
* That Israel be brought before a War Crimes Tribunal, and the USA also be brought before such a Tribunal because of continuing to arm Israel while Israel commits war crimes.

We call on the Mauritian State to:
* Suspend all diplomatic ties with Israel at once.
* Start introducing trade sanctions on Israel.
* At the African Union, to gather support for a motion of blame against Israel, and also against the USA for arming of Israel, and to bring a motion of blame on Egypt for not opening the Rafah Crossing.

We commit ourselves to:
We, as members of the BDS (Mauritius), commit ourselves to an on-going process of isolating Israel by means of boycott, disinvestment and sanctions. Our next meeting will define the exact products we will boycott, and the means we will use in order to pressure importers, exporters, investors, and the State.

Signed, for the BDS (Mauritius): Reeaz Chuttoo, Alain Ah-Vee.
8 August, 2014