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LALIT calls on President Obama to stop all military aid and funding to Israel


Mr. Barack Obama

President of the USA

Through Port Louis Embassy

28 July, 2014

Dear Sir,

We believe that you, as President of the USA, are in an extremely compromised position as arms-provider to Israel, and this for four reasons:

1. While pretending to be a broker of peace between Israel and Palestine, you finance and you arm the military of one side, that is to say, of the State of Israel. Palestine is, in truth, not even “the other side”, in the sense that Palestine has no real state apparatus at all, having had its very headquarters in Ramallah bombed to smithereens by the Israeli Airforce as long ago as in 2002. Israel is, with USA help, now busy destroying the possibility of a “two-State solution”, by its perpetration of a systematic genocide – causing the people of Gaza to flee their homes by terrorising them, and by killing over a thousand people in cold blood over the past two weeks. What is the point in your receiving the Nobel Peace Prize when you continue to arm an aggressive, colonial State like Israel?

2. The American State, having been forged so brazenly through the genocide of the Amerindians who were the indigenous people of what is now the USA, suffers moral turpitude now, unless it comes up with a full historical apology for its own genocide. The incapacity, so far, to make a thorough apology for this genocide makes it difficult for the USA State to so much as “see” the genocide that the Israeli State apparatus is inflicting upon the indigenous people of Palestine in order to create its State, just as the USA was created out of a similar genocide. The process of the construction of Israel is a belated “parody” of the process of colonization by the Western nations, including the State of the USA, of the lands of the Americas, Africa and Asia – that is to say a continuation of a colonial process now recognized as unacceptable violence, yet persisting, in murderous fashion, in Palestine today.

3. The problem of anti-semitism in Europe, and also in the USA, is a genuine problem, reflecting racism and religious oppression with deep roots in European history. It needs certainly to be addressed. Instead of addressing it, what has happened is that the colonial Balfour Declaration of 1917, of little import until the rise of Nazi fascism in Europe, became the basis for a colonial project designed to defuse anti-semitism in Europe. However, anti-semitism in Europe, ex-USSR and ex-Eastern Europe, cannot continue to be addressed by means of externalizing the genuine scourge of anti-semitism, by colonizing the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

4. The USA will have to address the problem of Israel’s inability to be both a democracy and a religious State, which it cannot be without continuing to cause Palestinians to flee their country and to prevent all the refugees, including the millions from the Anti-Palestinian pogroms of 1948 and 1967, from returning.

We would like to put on record that we support wholeheartedly the recent decisions to dis-invest in any Israeli firms by both the Bill Gates Foundation and by the Presbyterian Church in the USA. These are two genuine moral leaders of your country on the question of BDS (Boycott, Disinvestment, Sanctions).

We call on you to halt all military aid immediately, and to put an immediate stop to any funds at all towards Israel, until it ends the “state of siege” it has imposed on Gaza, withdraws from its occupation of the West Bank, destroys its illegal colonies and its Apartheid Wall and withdraws all its colonial projects from East Jerusalem.

Just as in South Africa post-apartheid, all the people are working out how to live together, so in the lands where the Israeli and Palestinian people live, they, too, will be able to work out how to live together, as they have since time immemorial. It depends, however, on the USA stopping its huge military aid to the aggressor, Israel, in this conflict.

Yours sincerely,

Rajni Lallah,