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Mauritian Companies getting share of MNIC contract revealed


The Rs 1.1 million contract the Mauritian government signed with Singapore Corporation Enterprise contains a non-disclosure clause which is why Minister Pillay said he could not answer questions about which Mauritian companies were getting Mauritius National Identity Card (MNIC) Scheme sub-contracts when he was questioned in Parliament in November last year.

Linkedi n profiles now include many Mauritian workers working in or who worked in private companies that got a share of the MNIC sub-contracts: Leal Communications and Informatics Ltd., Valdus, Mauritius Telecom and G2D. Mauritian companies BAI and MNS, both respective partners of Singaporean companies NEC and Crimson Logic working on the MNIC Scheme both denied that they had anything to do with MNIC after LALIT made their links with NEC and Crimson Logic public (see Now we are getting to know through workers which Mauritian companies are getting a share of the Rs1.1 million contract.