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LALIT sends messages for day of protest


LALIT sent out messages on the occasion of the world-wide protests against war and against occupation. We are putting up one of them for readers of the LALIT website. It was sent to the South AFrican Anti-War Coalition, through Salim Vally.

"At the time when all over the world there are the finest daughters and sons of humanity who are standing up against war and against occupation, we, in LALIT, are calling on everyone in Mauritius and world-wide to build on the resolutions taken at the World Social Forum in Mumbai, and, in so doing, to focus at least part of our attention on struggles against the military bases nearest us. This way our world-wide unity has a localized expression. This way we meet up with the existing anti-bases movements that have grown organically over time in particular neighbourhoods. This way we oppose the imperialists and their empire in the very moment of their expansionism. This way we expose for all to see the crude militarism of their so-called globalization. This way we expose the gun-boat side of their commercial diplomacy. This way we unite the working people in the heart of the empire, where most of the military bases are found, with those at the outskirts, who suffer the presence of the kinds of Forts that the Amerindians knew so well were important to target. This way, as we unite working people, women, peace-loving people, the youth, the ecologists, in a movement that can take its own initiatives; this way, we no longer have to wait for Bush and Blair to start hostilities or declare an end to them for our actions. This way we can keep a permanent level of anti-war mobilization.

We support the move towards a Southern African Anti-War Declaration. We hope by taking a flotila to Diego Garcia to take the people of Diego back home, that we can get the Diego Garcia base closed down, just as the people of Puerto Rico got the Vieques base closed down on May 1st, 2003. We can then work on getting the dotted lines around Diego Garcia removed and on the implementation of the Pelindaba Treaty for a Nuclear Arms Free Africa.