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Ram Seegobin on the Need to Think Outside of Cane Sugar


We are pleased to be able to guide our web-site visitors interested in the economy, and in particular in the need for an alternative economy for Mauritius, to our Audio Section. There, newly up-loaded, are about 10 different short recordings taken from Ram Seegobin’s interview on Top FM on Wednesday 19 February, 2014. Taken together, these short audio-files are a tour-de-force, giving full arguments for the need for a new kind of politics of the economy. They also, in passing, pay homage to LALIT’s long campaign since 1983 to think of the economy and not of cane, when thinking of land use.

The interviewer was Jimmy Jean-Louis. Together on the program there was also Raffick Chattaroo, a planter and previous president of the boss’s Sugar Syndicate.

Everything in the these audio files is naturally is Kreol.

To listen to the audio clips, o to the download section in the top right column of our website, and double click on the audio section.