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Ashok Subron, Lalit, interviewed by Le Defi Plus


Lalit spokesperson, Ashok Subron, was this Saturday interviewed by Le Defi Plus, one of the main weekly newspaper of Mauritius, on the attempt by Berenger to stifle free expression and democracy.

Published in the front page of the paper, Ashok Subron appealed to all freedom lovers to raise their opposition against the decision of the new Prime Minister to stifle free expression on Radios, to repress workers and unionists confronting sackings in the free zone industry and the decision of the government to once more postpone village and municipal elections.

Ashok Subron also argued that Paul Berenger is one of the people responsible for the rise in communal tension and consciousness in Mauritius. Many of the points developed in this interview can also be read in the press communiqué issued by Lalit, last Monday. See our News section of our website.