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After journalist Jacques Achille falsely charged by police,
now Lalit militant Ram Seegobin


Lalit militant Ram Seegobin received a visit at his home in Bambous from policemen of Bambous Police Station who handed him a piece of paper that he was asked to sign and return to them. The letter was from the Prosecutor (South Office) of Line Barracks and was addressed to the Chief Inspector of Bambous Police. The letter requests the Chief Inspector to personally warn Ram Seegobin to be in Port Louis Court no. 3 on the 24th of April, 2004 at 9.00hrs to answer a "charge". Curiously, where the nature of this charge is mentioned, the words "effecting public mischief" are crossed out, and the word "molesting" written next to it.

There is nothing on this piece of paper to inform Ram Seegobin what this is all about: who he is accused of "molesting", on what date, and under which section of the law.

The charge against Ram Seegobin is in any case, false.

Lalit notes that it is becoming a common feature of police to falsely charge anyone who challenges the State, and in particular, the police. Press reporter Jaques Achille, when he was reporting a youth concert, was beaten up by police officers of Piton Police Station, threatened with death by police officers, threatened with various charges, and finally charged with "molesting police" and "disturbance". On Wednesday, the Grand Port Court released a judgment showing that Lalit militant Roland Fozoo had been falsely accused of "possession of gandia" when he was campaigning against the passing of a law, the Public Security Act, a law giving police draconian powers in the year 2000. Lalit militants Devianand Narrain and Roland Fozoo in 2002 had been falsely charged with "Rogue and Vagabond" when they visited a man who appealed to them for help after he had been beaten up by police officers in Rose Belle. Alain Tolbize, trade unionist in Rodrigues was falsely accused of having "conspired to plant drug (heroin) in the premises" of someone to have him "arrested for an offence under the Dangerous Drug Act" in 1997. The Court judgments in all of these cases make it absolutely clear that the charges laid against these people were false.