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New Adult Literacy Course just started


Ledikasyon pu Travayer has begun a big new adult literacy class as from beginning of July, the first after floods hit the LPT and LALIT headquarters on 30 March, 2013. LPT had no sooner been awarded the Linguapax International Prize for Language than the floods hit its headquarters, destroying all its electronic tools and much of its precious documentation.

LPT has, however, bounced back, having held a teachers’ trianing course, preparing a new course in how to write the Kreol language, as well as this new literacy course. At the same time, LPT, like LALIT, is busy putting all its documents on to electronic form.

If you know sxomeone who wants to learn how to read and write (over 16 years old), please contact someone in Ledikasyon pu Travayer, or ask a LALIT member you know to put you in touch with LPT.