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Lalit in this Sunday's press


Rajni Lallah, spokesperson of Lalit is on the 5-Plus weekly paper, in polemic with a representative of a communalo-religious spokesperson on the theme Politics and Religion. Rajni Lallah argues that religion and politics, as well as, the state and politics must be completed separated in a secular society. She said that unhealthy and sometimes corrupted relation is being developed by the link between communalo-religious grouping and political parties. The debates is accessible at

In a full-page interview in the Hebdo weekly of this Sunday 22nd February, Ram Seegobin, spokesperson of Lalit, gave an in depth analysis of the current political situation in Mauritius. Amongst other hot political issues, he commented on the increasing destabilization of the present MSM-MMM government since the electoral campaign of the December 2003 by-election.