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Brazilian Marxist Political Economist Receives Award


Last week, Brazilian woman Marxist political economy professor Conceicao Tavares was handed the highest scientific award by the Brazilian woman President, Dilma Rousseff. The National Foundation For Scientific Reseach gave the award to Prof. Tavares for her lifetime theoretical and practical achievements. She has influenced generations of students, scholars, politicians and civil servants. President Rousseff said that “Conceicao Tavares treated economics as it should be treated, as political economy”. Two important elements of this event: it is a sign of the times that it is both a woman who hands over the award and a woman who receives it. Were we to read this in Kreol, we would assume both to be men, did we not know the names. The second important sign of the times, as capitalism staggers from crisis to crisis, is that it is a Marxist economist, and not a mainstream capitalism-justifier, who is awarded for contributing to the understanding of recent economic history.