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Mumbai - WSF 2004 in Numbers


Around 80 thousand people represented by 2.660 organizations from 132 countries have participated in the World Social Forum's fourth edition, which has taken place in Mumbai, India, between January 16 and 21, 2004.

Volunteers and interpreters

Over 800 volunteers from 20 countries have taken part in the WSF 2004. There were 180 interpreters and translators altogether, from Argentina, Brazil, India, USA, France, Spain, United Kingdom, Belgian, Switzerland, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, Korea and Palestine. Babels, an international network, provided interpretation and translation for free during the Forum. Four or five translators were professional ones while the rest were students.

There were 13 official languages at the WSF - Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Malayalam, Spanish, English, French, Korean, Bahasa Indonesia, Thai and Japanese.


About 3.200 journalists from 644 press organs, from 45 countries, covered the WSF. The International Media Centre had 100 workstations with Linux Operational System (free software).


The activities programme under India Organiser Committee accountability presented 13 events in different formats: panels, round tables, conferences and public meetings. A new WSF process methodology was included in the programme: large self-organised activities by registered organisations from WSF, such as panels, conferences and round tables. In the sum total 35 events were organised with this size. Smaller self-organised activities such as seminars, workshops, meetings etc, had a noteworthy presence in WSF: more than 1.200 events.

Cultural Events

During the six days of WSF, more than 1.500 artists, poets, playwrights, writers and film directors took an active part with their cultural works. There were 150 street theatre plays and also a film festival with more than 85 titles about the mainly WSF themes.