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Monday 26th January 5.00 p.m
Report Back World Social Forum, Mumbai 2004


Lalit invites you to a

Monday 26th January 2004
5.00p.m to 7.00 p.m
Mama Bul Later Centre, GRNW,
Port Louis
If you and your friends are interested in coming to the Special Report Back Session, please mail us immediately at or phone 208-2132, 208-5551 to register.

The 4th World Social Forum bringing together 100,000 activists worldwide held in Mumbai, India, just ended. Lalit delegated five members to participate in this great event. Internationally renowned writers, activists, academics like José Bové, Trevor Ngwane, Vandana Shiva, Arundhati Roy have been participating in the WsF.

It is the World Social Forum that creates the space for the emergence of immense international movements against war, against new WTO, against the IMF, against capitalist globalisation - movements with growing international influence, ever since the victory of the shut-down the Seattle WTO conference in 1999.

At the same time, Lalit jointly with the Group Refugies Chagos have publicly announced that we are looking for a boat to go to Diego Garcia to reclaim it. The Lalit delegation at the WSF has been building international support for this action.

Lalit has delegated Alain Ah-Vee, Lindsey Collen, Sharon Jacquin and Ram Seegobin to represent Lalit there. Ian Jacob has been delegated by Grup Zenn Lalit to participate in the International Youth Camp. They are all in Mumbai right now. It is the first time that Lalit is participating in the World Social Forum. They will be giving us a Report Back on Monday 26th of January.

We would like to share their first-hand report with you so that you will have an idea of this new kind of international forum. We are also inviting the Groupe Refugies Chagos, who are also at the World Social Forum, to join in this report back.

Amongst the main events that Lalit delegates are participating in, are:
Meeting of the "No US bases" network and the Anti-War assembly;
Debates on the nature of capitalist globalisation;
International Youth Camp - where thousands of youth from all over the world will be assembling;
Political gatherings to debate new challenging political ideas.

We are sure that you will be interested in knowing more about the World Social Forum and are looking forward to meeting you on Monday 26th of January for the Report Back.

Mail us immediately at or phone 208-2132, 208-5551 to register.

Ashok Subron
For Lalit