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LALIT protests French Colonial Troops at Mauritian Independence Day


LALIT has had a vivid poster campaign all over Port Louis saying “No to the Presence of Colonial Troops in the Independence Day celebrations”, black letters on a yellow background. (“Fet Lindepandans: NON a PREZANS KOLONYAL SOLDA FRANSE!)

We have also sent a letter of protest signed Rajni Lallah to the Prime Minister (see below), and Lindsey Collen was in Jean-Luc Emile’s 10 minute radio program, which is on the Radio One site.

Prime Minister, Hon Navin Ramgoolam
Treasury Building,
Port Louis

28 February, 2012.

Dear Sir,

We wish to request that the Prime Minister confirm or deny the news published in Le Mauricien of Saturday, 25 February that “Un regiment des forces francaises en zone sud de l’ocean indian (FAZSOI) defilera, pour la premiere fois, au Champ-de-Mars dans le cadre des defiles traditionnels organisés a l’occasion des celebrations de la fete nationale le 12 Mars 2012.

We find no mention of this abomination in the reports on the PMO web-site, which refer to “the flag raising ceremony, march-past by disciplined forces and uniformed organizations, helicoper fly-past, special dance choreography depicting national unity and fireworks” on 17 February, and there is no further reference on 24 February, the eve of the printed article.

We call on you to either deny this information, or if it is true, to immediately act so as to reverse the decision to host a military display by colonial forces in the region at an Independence Celebration. It is grotesque.

We call for all military personnel of all countries to be specifically not welcome in Mauritius, but colonial forces, like other imperial forces, should be outlawed from the country. And as for a regiment of colonial forces parading on Independence and Republic Day, we believe this is totally unacceptable.

Yours sincerely,

Rajni Lallah