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New Year Greetings to our Visitors


Happy New Year to all our visitors. For the New Year, we are introducing a new feature called “The Writing is on the Wall”, which starts 2012 with greetings for the New Year, and which will have slogans when they are appropriate, to alternate with photographs
Our end of the year analysis of the political situation world-wide and in Mauritius by Ram Seegobin can be read in Kreol in an article entitled “2011 From LALIT’s Political Perspective” (See News Section), while LALIT’s actions for 2011 summarized by Rajni Lallah can be read in the editorial of our magazine, Revi LALIT, (which should be in the documents section soon) and in the article entitled “Report on LALIT’s Actions in 2011” (News Section).
Hits on our site have now reached 1,000 per day, and the volume downloaded continues to increase. In all 1.7 million hits on since our inception.
We hope that 2012 will bring strength to struggles to end all military occupations, bombardments and invasions, thus making the way for peace, that will only come when there are no longer the “1%” who decide for us all.