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LALIT holds End-of-Year Political Evaluation Session for 2011


LALIT, for its members’ gathering for the end of the year, in addition to a party, held a three-part evaluation session just beforehand on Sunday 18 December, presided by Rada Kistnasamy:

- A report on the state of the world and Mauritius for 2011 by Ram Seegobin.
- A report on LALIT’s actions and activities during 2011 by Rajni Lallah
- A report from each LALIT Regional Committee on its membership, branch meetings, and activities, by representatives of the respective branches.

After each report, there was a plenary discussion. The event was held at GRNW, in the Hall, and then the get-together, which took the form of a bring-and-share, on the downstairs verandah