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Che Guevara Day session held


LALIT held a one-day session on Che Guevara Sunday 11 December, at the Mother Earth Hall in GRNW, around the two Steven Soderbergh films of 2008, based on Che Guevara’s own diaries. The first film, also known as The Argentinian is about the Cuban Revolution, and has all the impetus of the narrative of a “winning” revolution. Where the different elements of the opposition to Batista gradually get drawn in to support the overthrow of the US-backed dictator, who had come to power in 1952 through a coup. The second film, also known as “The Guerilla”, set in Bolivia, has the pathos of a “losing” battle. This is linked to the Stalinists of the Bolivian Communist Party submitting to USSR dictates and refusing to work with the armed struggle, and as the breaking by the State and the USA of the massive miners’ strike in Bolivia.

Discussion on the nature of the films, and of the particular type of struggle at the time was lively. People had each brought along a picnic basket and we all shared food in the intermission between the two films.