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Berenger, Ramgoolam, Jugnauth and deaths in police custody


The death of Anand Kumar Ramdhany in Riviere du Rempart police cells in July 2011 has been the focus of attention by the media and by the MMM Parliamentary opposition. Is the MMM and the media realising at long last that death in detention is a serious issue that should, in fact, be the focus of attention or is it just a question of putting Prime Minister on the defensive given that the death of Anand Ramdhany occurred during the same period as an enquiry about a larceny committed in a bungalow that Prime Minister Ramgoolam is a proprietor of?
We would like to draw attention to the fact that according to our Register of deaths in police detention, since 1979 not less than 56 people have died in police custody (listed below). The official cause of death given in many of these cases, just as in the case of Anand Kumar Ramdhany is “asphyxia due to hanging”. Regardless of the actual cause of death, all deaths while in custody are the responsibility of the police.
Since 1979, Jugnauth (father and son), Ramgoolam (father and son), Berenger, Duval (father and son) have all been at one point or another, in government. None of them have taken any measures to put a stop to police violence and torture. The National Human Rights Commission that was set up after the 1999 riots triggered by the death of Reginald Topize (Kaya) has failed in preventing the covering-up of police violence and torture. (See our letter sent to the NHRC in 2007 on our website: ). And since then, even though Prime Minister Ramgoolam leans on the NHRC for support in his answer to leader of the Opposition Berenger’s Parliamentary question regarding the death of Anand Ramdhany, it is to be wondered whether the NHRC is still functional or not: apart from its President Judge Seetulsing, it doesn’t seem to have any board members left and has not produced any annual report since its 2008 one.
LALIT, together with the Justice association against police violence and torture, together with many other associations that have participated in the struggle against police brutality since 1999 have built a program that analyses the causes of police violence and torture and has developed key demands to combat it (Click on the “Documents” section and then click on “Against Police Brutality” to read a copy of this program). These are the demands that need to be taken up by political parties that are seriously interested in halting deaths in detention.

Those who have died in police custody since 1979:

1. RAMDHANY, Anand Kumar (2011)
2. COUREUR, Jean-Philippe (2009)
3. BOTTE, Mike (2009)
4. B. (23.11.08 NHRC report)
5. GUNGAH Imteaz (2008)
6. RAMJEEAWON, Ajay (2008)
7. B. (17.5.07 NHRC Report).
6. RAMLUGON, Rajesh (2006)
9. JEEBODH, Rangit (2005)
10. EDMOND, Georgy (28.10.2005)
11. BABOORAM, Steve (4.7.04)
12. MOOKEN, Richard (2004)
13. E.M. (16.1.03 NHRC report)
14. DAVID, Jean Clifford (2002)
15. J.M.E (1.09.02 NHRC Report)
16. BAYARAM, Josian Kirsley (2001)
17. NANCY, Vijay (2001)
18. MUTHY, Yousouf Mohamad Nadim (2001)
19. DUMAZEL, Lorlene (2001)
20. ARMAND, Louis Rosario (2001)
21. JUGGERNATH, Ganeshlall Horil (2000)
22. TOPIZE, Reginald (Kaya) (1999)
23. JACQUOTTE, Clency (1999)
24. BOZELLE, Marc Clifford (1999)
25. SEEKUNDAR, Afzal (1998)
26. GAUD, Philippe Hervé (1998)
27. RAMLOLL, Jay Kissoon (1998)
28. RAGHOONUNDUN, Premlall (1998)
29. ARMOOGUM, Cyril (1998)
30. REHAUT, Yvon Regis (1996)
31. RAMDEWAR, Angoo (1996)
32. ROODAYE, Abdool Rohmun (1995)
33. SHAM, Laval (1995)
34. TORUL, Mahendranath (1995)
35. NANACK, Saoud (1994)
36. TRAVAILLEUR, Steve Desire (1994)
37. FIDELE, Laval (1994)
38. UKHOY, Pardooman (1994)
39. CYPRIEN, Laval (1994)
40. LALLOUETTE, Lindsay (1993)
41. LABROSSE, Eddie (1993)
42. BHOYROO, Dahianand (1993)
43. MUNGUR, Anath (1992)
44. CODABUX Ahmad Nooranee (1991)
45. DAMREE, Naushad Ally (1991)
46. GANGIAH, Serge Eddy (1991)
47. XAVIER, Elville (1991)
48. EMAMBOCUS, Anwar Mohammad (1990)
49. Unnamed man died in police cells at Souillac (1990)
50. DAWAKING, Kishna (1990)
51. Un-named man dies in police cells at Plaine Verte (1990)
52. Unnamed man found dead in police cells in Quatre Bornes. (1990 or 1991)
53. RENEL, Joseph (1990)
54. NOYAU, Denis (1989)
55. MOORGHEN, Siven (1987)
56. VICTORINE, Serge Louis (1979)