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Only few hours left to go for the Intercontinental Youth Camp 2004 and the Clock keeps Ticking!


In two days, the city of Mumbai will awake to a gathering quite unlike anything seen before. Amidst the chaos that defines the world in the airwaves that permeate our core experience, we will see around 15000 youth from across the world gather and enact before our very eyes a new chapter in the history of social struggles the world over. It is in this confluence of youth, raw passion and ideals, that there will emerge a burning vision of a New World, to shine forth.

IYC 2004, the fourth IYC, is going to be held in Mumbai, India from 16th to the 21st of January, 2004 as the parallel event to the World Social Forum (WSF).It is a platform for youth from all over the world to interact and share their views, experiences, struggles and much more. It is about the various youth movements uniting on a common platform to voice their concerns and build a new path to towards a human constructive world. It is a space to reaffirm resistance to social, economic, cultural, physical and political discrimination, but with a difference.

And this difference is the Power of Youth.

So hop on this ride as we get closer to this moment of taking the leap forward.

Extract from the IYC website -

Ian Jacob. from the Lalit Youth will be participating in the IYC.