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New audio clips from Palestine Vigil


We have pleasure in presenting you 12 audio clips with some memorable excerpts of the Solidarity with Palestine Vigil last Friday, 29th July evening. In the audio section, you will find 3 clips from the speech of former President Cassam Uteem on the role of the US the Israeli occupation of Palestine, of the importance of the "Boycott, Sanctions, and Disinvestment" (BDS) campaign to isolate Israel, and calls on the Mauritian Government to vote for the UN resolution to recognize the State of Palestine. 3 audio clips from Ram Seegobin's speech on the new situation in the Middle East: on the opportunities ahead and the dangers too. Two audio clips from Idrice Goomany Centre representatives Ally Lazer and Imran Dhunoo explaining how they came to co-organize the Vigil with LALIT. The testimonies and analyses of Alain Ah-Vee and Ragini Kistnasamy who both went to Palestine in person on their solidarity visits, and their assessment of the present situation.
Their speeches mesmerized everyone at the Vigil - they were clear and inspiring. The audio clips might give you an idea of what you missed on that very memorable evening. To download the clips, go to the downloads section on the top left hand corner of our home page, click on audio. and click on "view".