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3-Day Course for Students and Others


LALIT invites applications for its 3-day political education program starting 27 July 2011. Read the program below, and if you are interested, you can e-mail us at or telephone us on 208 2132 or 208 5551 for details and to book a place. The course is free. There are no tests, and no certificates. It is learning for the sake of gaining knowledge and for understanding ways of understanding the world. This means the course contains what at university is studied under the headings of sociology, media studies, political science, ecology, history, but where we share this knowledge and understanding of the world around us with a view to understanding it so well that we can help to change it. People giving the courses also often follow the sessions being given by their peers.


Morning Session: Co-ordinator, Alain Ah-Vee
10:00 Registration.
10:15 Introduction.
10:30 What is a cl analysis? Talk by AA.
10:55 Questions of clarification.
11:00 Crisis of Capitalism, 10 Min film by David Harvey.
11:10 Discussion on film.
11:15 How to take Minutes/Notes by SC.
11:30 “Class” during Mauritian history: slavery, indenture, modern working class. Today’s bourgeoisie, historic and state. The concept of a “Historic bloc”. Talk by DD.
11:50 Questions and answers.
12:00 Class analysis of Pakistan. Talk by AK.
12:15 Questions and answers.

12:30 LUNCH (LALIT to organize tea, coffee, juice, biscuits)

Afternoon Session: Co-ordinator, Jean Yves Dick
1:00 John Bellamy Foster’s new view on Marx’s analysis of ecology. Talk by JY.
1:25 Questions and answers.
1:30 Film The Story of Stuff (20 mins) by Annie Leonard
2:50 Brief discussion on film.
2:00 Talk on the Marine Protected Area farce around Chagos. Talk by AH.
2:20 Discussion on what to do about it.
2:30 The DSK sex scandal and the French Media; the News of the World scandal in the Murdoch press empire: Media crisis. Talk by LC.
2:50 Discussion on what to do about it.
3:00 Session ends.


Morning Session: Co-ordinator, Lindsey Collen
10:00 Imperialist wars today, military bases and military-
industrial complex involved. Talk by LC
10:25 Questions and answers
10:30 Mauritian experience of military occupation: Diego Garcia. Talk by JY.
10:40 Question and answers)
10:45 Colonial discourse in Chagos issue. Talk by YB.
10:55 Questions & answers.
11:00 Film on Israeli military occupation of Palestine, The Caged Bird’s Song. (20 minutes)
11:50 Discussion on film .. with AA
12:00 Role of union movement (unions, federations & con-federations) in class struggle: Talk by guest speaker, trad unionist Reeaz Chuttoo.
12:20 Questions and answers.

12:30 LUNCH (LALIT to organize tea, coffee, juice, biscuits)

Afternoon Session: Co-ordinator, Rajni Lallah
1:00 Mauritian Colonial and Post colonial economic history (import/export model). Talk by RL/CC
1:20 Film: Money (Excerpt from Zeitgeist: The Movie)
1:30 International crisis: economic & financial. Mauritian systemic crisis. Talk by RL/CC
1:50 Questions & Answers.
2:00 Film on Politics of an Alternative Economy (LALIT)
2:25 Discussion on the film
2:30 Food security: Mauritian Charter on Food Security. Its history. Read and discuss with … CC
3:00 Session ends.


Morning Session: Co-ordinator, Ram Seegobin
10:00 The struggle towards socialism, and related struggles in Mauritius: Universal suffrage, Independence, post-independence struggles (language policy decoloniza-tion, Diego and Chagos decolonization, economic decolonization). Talk by RS
10: 25 Questions & answers
10:30 Short film on what socialism might be. 10 Minutes from The Venus Project, excerpt.
11:00 How to prepare for speaking in public (Forums, interviews, radio, meetings, etc); Role playing.
12:00 Labour Party & MMM: what they represented and now represent. PMSD, MSM, and other smaller parties: What they represent. LALIT: the challenge of mobilizing on Program for socialism. Talk by AA.

12:30 LUNCH (LALIT to organize tea, coffee, juice, biscuits)

Afternoon Session: Co-ordinator, Rada Kistnasamy
1:00 How to prepare a Power Point: The Basics by RK plus some practice.
1:30 How to use a Search Engine: The Basics by RK and SC, and some practice.
2:00 How to use the LALIT site: How articles are uploaded and downloaded. SC and CC.
2:30 Evaluation, and individually planned follow-up.

Musical Break and get together.
2:45 Get together. Music jam session on the Internationale. End of 3-Day Course.

Some of the participants will stay on for the preparation for the Vigil on Palestine and will help with painting banners and making the vegetable soup for the Vigil that will be held in the evening from 6 to 9.

The course and vigil will be at the Mother Earth Hall, LPT Building, Main Road, GRNW, Port Louis. For people coming by bus, get off on the GRNW bridge, and walking back towards Port Louis it is fourth building on the side of the sea, just opposite the Dojon hillock. For those coming by motorcycle, you can park in the yard, for those coming by car, the Authorities have unwittingly given LALIT a parking spot, just across the road (by cancelling the newly created bus stop) and there is parking in the Debarcadere Rd alongside the Le Defi building.