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Freedom Flotilla II sailing to Gaza to break Israel's blockade


International support is building up against Israel illegal siege of 1.6 million people in Gaza. Web visitors will recall that end 2009 the Gaza Freedom March met with Mubarak’s repressive forces in Cairo trying to prevent international activists to go to Gaza. LALIT member Ragini Kistnasamy was amongst the 1,400 international activists in Cairo to call for the end of the blockade on Gaza and to denounce the role of the Government of Egypt. Last year the Flotilla to Gaza was violently attacked by Israel army in international waters killing 9 people and injured many more. 1600 flotilla passengers were arrested by Israel military, detained and then deported. This June, the International Freedom Flotilla II of about 10 ships carrying 1,000 activists from 20 countries is getting ready to sail for Gaza to break Israel's blockade. Below is a press release from Athens, Greece.

Sailing to Gaza

Athens, June 23, 2011

The international "Freedom Flotilla II - Stay Human" is ready to sail within the next few days to Gaza expressing its solidarity in action with the Palestinian people.

The international "Freedom Flotilla II - Stay Human" will include 10 ships, two of which are cargo boats carrying aid, while the rest are passenger ships carrying hundreds of people, among them, politicians, MEPs, writers, religious faiths representatives, people of arts and culture and activists. Many TV crews will be also on board (CNN, NBC, CBC-RC, Al-Jazeera, as well as journalists sent by various world media and newspapers.

Our peaceful Flotilla will sail amidst threats from the Israeli government, which is unashamed to boast that it will stop the mission at all costs, even with violence, trying to remind us of the terrible events of last year's Flotilla.

Our peaceful Flotilla will sail on despite lies, pressure and blackmail from the Israeli government to the international community and to other governments in order to prevent by any means, administrative or repressive, the ships from sailing. Thus the Israeli government is trying to shift the political responsibility and the political cost of its own inhumane policy of occupation of Palestine, to the governments of other countries.

Our governments bear great responsibility, since they are avoiding making Israel accountable to observe international law, as well as they are avoiding necessary actions in order to protect their own citizens, which are unarmed and who are participating in this peaceful, humanitarian action.

"Freedom Flotilla II – Stay Human" is holding a Press Conference on Monday, June 27, 12PM at ESIEA Hall (20 Akadimias Str. Athens).
In this press conference, which will be the last before sailing, will also participate internationally known individuals that will board the ships.