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Kreol and Bhojpuri Union Bill in Parliament


Minister of Culture, Mr M. Choonee praised the Kreol and Bhojpuri languages in an introductory speech in Parliament on Tuesday 10th May, to present the Kreol and Bhojpuri Union Bill. We are publishing the following extract for the interest of our visitors.

Speaker, Sir, I now turn to the subject matter of Creole. Creole is the mother-tongue of the majority of Mauritians. It is the language we use every day and everywhere in this country. We use it to converse, to teach, to joke and to share our beliefs! It is the language par excellence to bind the nation. Creole is not restricted to Mauritius, it is the vernacular that is used in many countries Reunion,Seychelles, Tahiti, Nouvelle Calédonie etc. This is the language of those who rebelled against inhuman treatment. They expressed theirfeelings and emotions in this language. Today, by rehabilitating the Creole language, we are also paying homage to those who contributed to making our Nation.
Mr Speaker, Sir, we all like our sega. This is one of our precious cultural legacies that we want to be proclaimed as a Masterpiece of UNESCO’s Oral and Intangible heritage of humanity.
Sir,in the light of the foregoing, we can say that Bhojpuri and Creole are the languages of Unity in Mauritius. Both of them have played a pivotal role in the construction of the Mauritian nation. They so developed that they share words and expressions with other languages prevalent inour rainbow nation. They will continue to flourish and play their part in fostering dialogue between cultures. Their Speaking Unions will thushave to make a serious study on all those aspects that will enable the population to understand the concept of unity in diversity and its mpact on the construction of a strong nation.

LALIT has always been in the forefront of the political struggle for the full recognition of the Kreol and Bhojpuri languages. The Bill and the introduction of Kreol language in Primary schools represent important milestones in the process of the recognition of our mother tongues. LALIT is now putting emphasis on the need to move towards Kreol becoming the medium in schools, being introduced as a language of Parliament (as leader of the Opposition has agreed), and being allowed for the minutes of registered associations.