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LALIT invited to speak on Palestinian cause


As from tomorrow, the Youth of the Ummah (a youth organization in Mauritius) is holding a 3-day exhibition on the occasion of the Nakba day as an expression of solidarity to the Palestinian people, a good initiative. In this context, LALIT received an invitation yesterday to speak on the Palestinian cause in the opening ceremony a the Municipality of Port-Louis tomorrow. The letterhead on the letter of invitation we received, however was not the Youth of Ummah, but the Front Solidarite Mauricien (FSM), a party with fundamentalist origins. Given that the invitation we received is from the FSM, we have declined the invitation on a question of principle.

Kreol version
Apartir dime, enn lorganizasyon zenn apel Youth of the Ummah pe organiz enn expozisyon 3 zur a lokazyon zurne Nakba an solidarite avek lepep Palestinyin. Sa li enn bon linisyativ. Dan sa kontext-la, LALIT finn resevwar invitasyon yer pu koz lor lakoz Palestinyin dan seremoni luvertir dan Minisipalite Port Louis dime. Lantet let invitasyon ki nu finn resevwar, par kont, pa ti Youth of Ummah, me plito “Front Solidarite Mauricien”, enn parti ki ena orizinn fondamantalist. Etan done ki invitasyon ki nu finn resevwar li depi FSM, nu pa pe partisipe lor enn kestyon prinsip.