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News and Letters Committees message: “Revolution is possible”.


We have been in contact with News and Letters of the US through their newspaper for many, many years. Their political ideas on the concept of “Marxist humanism” is a very valuable one. News and Letters Committees regularly send us solidarity messages for Labour Day.

Dear Sisters and Brothers of LALIT,

We in News and Letters Committees send you revolutionary greetings and wishes for success for your Labor Day Celebration. As usual, your theme is very appropriate for the time we are living through: Capitalist Crisis, Socialist Resolution. It sounds like it will be a wonderful day and we wish we could be with you to participate in the songs, speeches and greetings from others.

Whereas only a few months ago, revolution to so many was unthinkable, the events in the Middle East and North Africa have shown the world that not only is revolution possible, but it has been able to sweep long-ruling dictators out of power when everything else failed for decades. Those dictators and tyrants were shored up by capitalism, which has thrown the world into crisis, impacting poor and working people the most and destroying the environment as well.

This year, our Draft for Perspectives (which we will append to this greeting so you may share it in full) states: Revolution and counter-revolution have forced their way to the center stage of history. In Tunisia and Egypt, revolutions have opened tremendous possibilities and spread the fire of their passion all across the Arab world and from China to the U.S. At the same time, counter-revolution has reared its head, from devious maneuvers aimed at co-opting the masses initiative to the bloody brutality exercised by Muammar al-Qaddafi in Libya. Such a moment in history tests revolutionaries and all who oppose the exploitation and violence of this globalized capitalist world and the test sharpened when the U.S. and its NATO allies entered the conflict in Libya.

There is no question that women and working people are key participants in the recent events, and while socialism was not articulated as an explicit mass demand, the new human relationships created in the struggle lay the basis for socialism.

We wish you all the best this Labor Day, and, as always, offer you our revolutionary solidarity.

Terry Moon
Managing Editor, News & Letters
for News and Letters Committees